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Athens Christian School has a history of excellence in the spring sport of track and field. In the GHSA, ACS has 8 track state championships, and 11 consecutive boys region titles for the men, as well as many for the women under the leadership of hall of fame coach Tim Cummings during the years of 2001-2015. Track and field is a 16 event meet in which athletes are given points based on which place they finish in each event. The team that has the most points after all 16 events are completed is declared the team victor. ACS has a strong tradition of excellence in the middle school track program as well. ACS allows athletes to compete in the middle school program in grades 5th-8th in the 16 event competition. This foundation of early training for middle school athletes paves the road to success for our Varsity competitors.

Running for the Lord has always been our goal since the beginning of the program! We thank the Lord for the past and future success knowing that every good thing comes from above!